What you need to know before undergoing a wisdom teeth removal procedure

Laurie Velez | April 10, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

Ever experienced that excruciating pain on your gums during your late teen years or early 20s? It might not be an ordinary gum problem, but the eruption of your third molars or commonly referred to as wisdom teeth. Due to the size of your jaw, it can hardly accommodate these new teeth. That is why their eruption is often associated with pain. When this happens, you might need wisdom teeth removal Sunshine Coast dentists currently offer.

However, visiting a dentist is needed before your wisdom teeth are removed. The dentist will advise whether your wisdom teeth will cause any problem or if they need surgical extraction.

How dentists remove wisdom teeth

If the dentist determines that you need a surgical tooth extraction, local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia is applied. This will help numb your mouth, and as a result, you will not feel any pain during the extraction. In some cases, your consciousness is suppressed by the analgesic drug.

The dentist will soon make a cut in your gums to check the tooth and the bone. If they can access the root without any bone blocking it, the wisdom tooth is removed with ease. However, if they encounter difficulty in removing the tooth, they may have to cut it into multiple fragments or in several sections to completely remove it.

Once the wisdom teeth removal Sunshine Coast procedure is complete, the dentist will check for any debris left and clean them thoroughly. If necessary, they will stitch the incised area before placing a gauze to control bleeding. This will also help in forming a blood clot and promoting faster healing.

What to expect during recovery

It is normal to feel a little groggy after the procedure, as you might still be feeling the effects of anesthesia. Make sure you have someone with you when you are scheduled for a Sunshine Coast wisdom teeth removal procedure. It is not recommended that you drive your car all the way home afterwards. You should also expect that your face will look a bit swollen and the site of the extraction will be painful, especially when the effects of anesthesia start to fade.

Your recovery will still depend on your pain tolerance and how many teeth were taken out. Experts in wisdom teeth removal Sunshine Coast has today will also prescribe narcotics to relieve the pain. If possible, ask your dentist if you can use an ice pack to relieve any swelling, bruises, or pain. Some dental professionals will suggest that you eat soft food while your gums are still swollen.

When is the best time to have your wisdom teeth removed

Since your wisdom teeth erupt during late teen years or early 20s, it is best if the wisdom teeth removal in Sunshine Coast happens during summer. This is the time when you are in your prime health and your stress level is typically low. But sometimes, complications from wisdom teeth happens when you have a major life event coming up like a date, engagement, wedding, or when you have a big exam.

Don’t wait until it gets complicated before you visit a dentist for a wisdom teeth removal procedure. If you wait any longer, you may experience unnecessary complications that could have been avoided if you visited a dentist early on. To find the best wisdom teeth removal Sunshine Coast offers, visit http://www.hinterlanddental.com.au/services/wisdom-teeth/.

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