How to Protect Your Child from Mosquitoes Without Harming the Skin

Laurie Velez | November 24, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

Mosquitoes are the carriers of the dengue virus. And with the growing epidemic of the dengue virus in various parts of the world, you want to make sure your child is protected from them. Products like mosquito repellent patches are now widely available in the market making it easier for parents to protect their kids. If you are in the market looking for the best mosquito repellent products, though, you should not grab the first item you see. You must take into consideration your own child’s safety to ensure that you are not harming them while trying to keep mosquitoes away.

Choosing Repellent Products

The process of protecting your child from mosquitoes starts with choosing the right repellent product. There are a variety of mosquito repellent products in the market and they come in various forms: mosquito repellent patches, creams, roll-on sticks, lotions and wipes. You should do your research on the method of application for each product (this is important since most come with the same ingredients and formulation).

Use the guide below to help determine which is the best type of product for your child’s needs:

Creams, Roll-Ons, Patches & Lotions: These products are best for indoor use. Make sure that you check the ingredients and your child’s skin sensitivity level to ensure that they do not get allergic reaction from these products (since it is applied topically). For your child’s security and protection, choose a trusted brand name with a proven track record.

Liquid Vaporizer: This is another great product for indoor use. It works by emitting fumes when heated that supposedly drives mosquitoes away. As a precaution, make sure you do not use the vaporizer in the room when the baby is around.

Coils: This is one of the most traditional products used against mosquitoes. It is effective for indoor use but the range of coverage can be limited. The use of mosquito coils has declined in the last few years due to reports of breathing problems and allergic reactions upon inhalation of the fumes from the coil.

Essential Oils: This product is effective for use on your child where the area is applied. But like lotions and other topical treatments, there is also a risk for allergic reaction. You should therefore check with the doctor before using it on your child.

Using the Repellent the Right Way

Aside from choosing the right mosquito repellent patches or products on your child, you should always observe proper usage of these products. Make it a habit to read the instructions label so you know the proper usage for the product. Moreover, you should focus on dosage application on your child based on the recommendations on the label.

For safety reasons, you should not apply these products on open wounds or near sensitive areas (such as near the eyes or hands as the child might chew on their hands). Moreover, avoid re-applying the mosquito repellent within a short period of time in the hopes of increasing its effectiveness. If you notice any form of irritation, stop use of the product immediately and consult a doctor. Visit Dan Hadley Adelaide

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