Five most common hand and wrist injuries

Laurie Velez | July 10, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

One of the common injuries that a person experience comes from either their hand or wrist. However, some minor issues in your hand can lead to long-term disability if not treated properly. Thus, if the pain in your hand lasts longer than three days, it is time for you to pay an accident injury doctor a visit.



accident injury doctor



It is also important to apply a first kit aide to your injury as soon as possible before seeing an accident injury doctor. And in order to treat it correctly, you first need to know what type of hand injury it is and what’s causing it.


Here are the five most common injuries that you experience in your hand and wrist.




A hand and wrist sprains occur when the tissue that connects two bones are damaged. This tissue is commonly known as ligaments. You can cure a minor sprain by putting ice on it and let it rest for at least 48 hours. This way, the small tear in the tissue will have enough time to heal and regenerate without getting worst.


However, for a major sprain, putting ice on the swollen part might not be enough. At this stage, your hand is already experiencing a complete rupture in the ligaments, thus, trying to cure it by yourself might lead to more complications. To be safer, you need an expert to examine it. So make sure to find the right orthopedic hand specialist in your area and have them look at it.




A break or crack in your hand’s bone structure causes a fracture injury. This kind of hand injury is common for boxers and sports enthusiast. It takes a long time to heal and needs the expertise of a hand surgeon to fix it. However, you can still apply a first kit aide by putting ice on it to lessen and numb the pain.


PIP joint injury


PIP joint is also known as Proximal Interphalangeal joint and is located above your knuckles. A PIP joint injury occurs when your finger is forced backward or in a downward bent position. If your PIP joint is severely injured, don’t try to fix it by touching or rubbing your hand before an accident injury doctor attends it so that it will not result in fracture dislocation of your bones and ligaments.


Hand tendinitis


Tendinitis in your hand is often caused by an irritation of the tissue. This causes inflammation in the tendon and will only worsen if you won’t apply the RICE system. The word RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.


You can also resort to ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs to numb and lessen the pain. If your hand gets worse even after taking the drugs or applying RICE, check out the best hand surgeon Atlanta has to offer and let them take care of it.


You can also avoid hand and wrist injuries by warming up properly and using a wrist guard. You can find more information by visiting

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