9 things to know about getting facial injectables

Laurie Velez | April 10, 2019 | 0 | Healthcare

A lasting youthful glow is now possible with premium facial injectables Gold Coast cosmetic experts can provide. Nevertheless, before you book a consultation, you must know about these ten factors, so you can make an informed decision better.

1. Facial injectables last more than a year for most people.

Commonly, if you get facial injectables in Gold Coast, the treatment will last for six months or over a year—or even longer. However, this longevity will depend on the person’s body and the type of filler used. Therefore, study the different kinds of fillers, so you will not be disappointed or misinformed.

2. You might experience temporary side effects.

In a span of two weeks or less, you might notice redness, swelling, rashes, bruising, and itching. There are also rare side effects, like infection, so make sure that you can rely on the filler provider.

3. There’s a right time to get facial injectables.

To be safer, you should look for the right timing to get facial injectables Gold Coast has these days. For instance, don’t get treatment if you have a sinus infection. Moreover, if you’re underage, pregnant, or still breastfeeding, you should definitely delay getting that facial filler.

4. There are different types of facial injectables.

  • Poly-L-lactic acid lessens wrinkles and makes the skin firm.
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) fills deep wrinkles better.
  • Autologous fat injections (fat grafting) is a long-lasting, but safe, procedure that requires you to be sedated.
  • Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is another long-lasting treatment but is rarely recommended by doctors.
  • The favourite among dermatologists, hyaluronic acid-based injectables, are naturally found in the body and add more volume to your face.

5. Choosing just any provider will be a grave mistake.

In the world of facial fillers, your provider definitely matters. Not all self-proclaiming cosmetic experts are indeed experts. Be careful, as choosing an inexperienced provider might lead to you getting infections and a string of correctional procedures afterwards.

6. Good filler treatments won’t give you swelling or duck lips.

The results of facial fillers don’t have to be Donatella-esque. As what skin experts would note, the results of good Gold Coast injectables and treatments are nearly invisible. They look natural; you will rarely notice the alterations unless you’re a dermatologist.

7. Injectables can help prevent wrinkles.

There is growing evidence that fillers prevent wrinkles. Restylane, specifically, triggers the production of collagen even after the filler has metabolised. Wrinkles are the results of volume loss due to low amounts of collagen; therefore, fillers will likely prevent wrinkles.

8. Cheap dermal fillers are rarely effective.

Never trust inexpensive facial injectables. Most of the time, safe and high-quality injectables Gold Coast professionals can do are expensive. This is because you will be doing more than filling wrinkles. You will receive a life-changing effect. You will gain back your self-confidence, which will tremendously improve your career and relationships.

9. Botox and facial injectables are NOT the same.

Finally, remember that Botox and facial fillers are not the same. The former freezes muscles to stop wrinkles from forming; meanwhile, the latter only fills and smoothens the wrinkles.

Bring back that youthful glow.

Fillers are your best time machines that will bring you back to those wrinkle-free days. Now, do you want the best injectables Gold Coast has to offer? All About Face Injectables and Cosmetics can help you with that. Visit allaboutfacecosmeticinjectables.com.au to know more about their dermal fillers.

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