8 tips to improve your clay shooting

Laurie Velez | April 23, 2019 | 0 | E-commerce

So you’ve been shooting for a time now but you’re still not getting the results you wanted. You’ve got yourself a clay target thrower and have been practising but still, you hit a snag. This can be really frustrating especially for beginners.

clay target thrower

Here are a few tips to help you improve your shooting:

Safety first!

Before shooting, make sure that everything is working. Shooting sports have the potential to injure or worse. Make it a habit to do safety checks before and after shooting. If you need to invest in a premium gun safe for sale, then don’t think twice to spend it.

Develop a pre-shooting ritual

Have you noticed other athletes do some sort of ritual before every game? That is a pre-game ritual. Having a pre-game, or in your case a pre-shoot, routine helps build consistency. This conditions your body and mind to “get in the zone” quickly. Our brain loves routine and the more you do one thing, it gets better at it. Consistency is key.

Learn the basics by heart

Learning the basics is the most important first step towards mastery. Not only do they teach you the right technique and shape, but they also cut bad habits. The basics are the foundation of your shooting so you want to make sure that it is as solid as possible.

Have the proper stance and form

Some beginners often forgets that a good solid stance is as important as the shooting skills. Whether this is shotguns or air rifles, proper form and stance are paramount. To execute the proper stance, bend your front leg slightly but straighten your back leg. After that, slightly lean forward, bending your waist while keeping your back straight.

Do this because your balance shifts due to the gun’s weight so you want to compensate for that. This also helps minimise the effects of recoil.

Visualize and anticipate

Shooting a moving target is a whole lot different than shooting a target in a range. The target leaves the clay target thrower quite fast giving you almost no time to think. Hitting them involves a lot of physics and ballistic principles. Trainers would emphasize on anticipation as an essential skill to master.

Learn from misses

The old saying says “Learn from your mistakes”. After every missed shot, take a moment to look back and analyze what made you miss it. Review your stance, the target’s trajectory, and your reaction. Every missed shot is an opportunity to learn and improve. Take full advantage of it.


In clay shooting you do not aim, you point your gun. But, honing in on your target and not just looking at its general direction helps you shoot more accurately. Like the eagle that zeros in on its prey. When shooting using a clay target thrower, for instance, focus on hitting the target and nothing alone. You only have a fraction of the time to react; therefore, you will need all the concentration you can muster.

Practice, practice, practice!

The biggest difference between a master and a novice is the hard work they put into their skills. Constant practice ensures that your body knows what to do every single time. Putting in the time and hard work will soon pay off.

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