3 factors men should consider when buying their first safety razors

Laurie Velez | July 9, 2019 | 0 | Health & Beauty

Buying your first safety razor blades doesn’t have to be daunting. Yes, there are dozens of brands available on the market and you probably need to try two or more safety razors before you can find the right one for you. However, you can simplify your search by knowing the important factors in finding one to buy. If you need to talk to experts, you can also visit this site: https://www.barbersuppliesco.com.au/.

Find your perfect first safety razors by considering these points

Feeling overwhelmed with all the safety razors available in your nearest stores today? Remember these vital factors when searching for your first safety razors:

  1. Aggressiveness of the razor

First, consider the aggressiveness of any safety razor before buying. This is about how a safety razor will do its job in cutting your facial hair.

Aggressive safety razors are tougher to use but could cut hair strands faster. On the other hand, milder safety razors are much easier to use, since they glide over your skin easily. However, they usually cut quite farther from the skin’s surface.

Many brands indicate how aggressive their safety razors are. However, you can also gauge it by looking at its blades. For example, double-edged blades are much milder than single-edged razors. Moreover, safety razors that expose more of its blade are much aggressive as well.

And some safety razors allow the user to adjust the aggressiveness factor, too.

  1. Fixed razors vs adjustable razors

After knowing the ideal aggressiveness for you, you can begin choosing between fixed or adjustable safety razors.

Fixed safety razors have the company-designed amount of blade exposure that users cannot adjust. On the other hand, adjustable razors can let users adjust how many blades they want to expose, thus increasing aggressiveness on the process. You can check out both kinds of safety razors here: Barber Supplies Co.

  1. Comfortability

Next, be sure to buy safety razors you’ll be comfortable with using. You can begin by considering the weight and length of its handle. Its length can help you hold it comfortably, which can affect your control on it. For example, you may need a long handle if you have a quite larger hand for a better grip.

Moreover, choose a safety razor that’s neither too heavy nor too light. That’s because its weight affects the pressure you can exert. If you can easily exert more pressure because it’s too light, it can potentially harm your skin every now and then. On the other hand, you might have difficulties controlling a heavy razor because of the weight and because of your fear of hurting yourself.

Find reputable brands of safety razors

The factors above help you identify the best type of safety razors for you. Moving forward, finding reputable brands can help you buy the best quality safety razor today!

You can begin by knowing the top brands of safety razors, then check online reviews to know which has the highest rates of positive feedbacks. Don’t settle for unreasonably expensive prices immediately as well; high price doesn’t automatically equate to good quality products.

Take note of these considerations as you find your first safety razor to buy. It can let you enjoy comfortable, convenient, efficient and safe wet shaving any time. However, if you still need additional guides from experts, you can visit this site: https://www.barbersuppliesco.com.au/. They have a wide array of the best quality safety razors from reliable brands and they can guide you to the safety razors that will suit you.

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